LGCA General Clubhouse Rules


The board has taken pride in running the clubhouse as it was intended from the past and in doing so, we are working hard to bring back this clubhouse to its full glory. We have set rules in place to our members to enjoy the use of our clubhouse. To ensure uninterrupted use of your access card & clubhouse privileges, membership dues or any outstanding payments/charges must be paid on time, in full. Partial payments will not be accepted for each type of payment plan (i.e. Annual, semi-annual and/or monthly payment must be made in full.)

The clubhouse belongs to each member of the LGCA community in good standing. Therefore it is the responsibility of each of us using the clubhouse to return it to the condition in which it was found. Tampering with security cameras, key pads and doorbell is subject to termination of membership. Please be respectful to your fellow members.

1.    When using the facility, please leave it clean and neat. Replace chairs, tables, and games/equipment in their original position. Make sure lights are off and all windows & doors are properly locked in the entire facility before leaving.

2.    Report any non-functioning games or damaged games/equipment or missing parts to game room volunteer. See signage on game cabinet door in member lounge.

3.    No use of any game equipment while wet. Dry off completely before using games. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4.    Place any trash in trash cans. Recycle materials (not trash) must be placed in the blue recycle receptacles.

5.    No smoking in or around the clubhouse, including the pool area.  

6.    The clubhouse must be vacated when it closes at 10 pm. (clubhouse hours are 7am – 10 pm daily)

7.    No pets are allowed in the clubhouse (except for working service dogs.)

8.    No wet bathing suits/wet towels/dripping water in the members lounge.

9.    Children under 16 are not allowed in the clubhouse unless accompanied by a parent or supervising adult.

10.  No threatening profane, indecent, coercive or disrespectful actions, gestures, words or language to your fellow members or guests.

11.  No fighting, scuffling, or horseplay within the pool or clubhouse.

12.  No skateboarding, skating, razor scooters hover boards or bicycles are to be ridden in the clubhouse. Bicycles may be walked into the clubhouse to be parked for safekeeping.

13.  The following incidents will be reported to the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station:

a.    Use or possession of illegal drugs on the premises.

b.    Theft or attempt to remove equipment or items belonging to LGCA or members.

c.    Vandalism to clubhouse and/or pool equipment.

d.    Activity considered illegal by city and/or state law.



LGCA retains the right to terminate any membership at any time.

This facility is under video surveillance and is subject to remote viewing by a board member at any time to ensure that all rules and regulations are being adhered to.




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