The LGCA is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. We are run solely through the help of our volunteers.

If you'd like to volunteer, here is a list of all of the areas where we'd need help: We have a great variety of types of assistance we could use! Why not pick one or more to try out--you could always change to something else if you'd prefer something that would better fit your time availability and/or passion! This is a great opportunity for anyone needing volunteer/service hours!!

Clubhouse Maintenance

  • Cleaning the LGCA Clubhouse
  • Picking up trash around the facility
  • Taking the Garbage cans to the curb weekly
  • Bringing the Garbage cans to the back yard after garbage pick up
  • Minor repairs as needed (plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc.

Landscape Maintenance

  • Pulling weeds from the planter beds
  • Watering the plants
  • Planting new plants as needed/seasonal

Pool Deck Maintenance & Safety

  • Sweeping around the pool deck
  • Watering the palm trees
  • Rearranging the chairs
  • Emptying the garbage cans & replacing the can liners
  • Cleaning out the pool skimmers
  • Making sure that the safety equipment is in good shape
  • On windy days, check that the umbrellas are down (so they won't blow away)
  • Summer Pool Monitors: Helping the Lifeguard during the summer to keep children at the pool safe by monitoring safety issues (remind kids to walk not run around the pool deck, check for any broken glass on the floor, check for anyone smoking, etc.)


  • Setting up and tearing down for Project Shepard/Christmas Party
  • Helping collect food donations for Project Shepard
  • Parade Leader for the annual Halloween Costume Parade
  • Setting up and tearing down for the Halloween Party
  • Setting up and tearing down for the Easter Party
  • Hiding Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt
  • Providing entertainment (singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, etc.) for an event(s)


Fireworks Stand

  • June 27th: Installing the shelving units in the fireworks stand
  • Working one or more shifts selling fireworks at the annual fireworks stand - REQUIRED FOR ALL LGCA MEMBERS
  • June 30th: Unloading the fireworks delivery truck and help setting up the fireworks stand
  • June 30th: Day Guards to watch the Fireworks stand
  • July 4th: Helping break down the fireworks stand and transport the remaining stock out of the stand, cleaning up, removing the shelving units from the stand
  • July 5th: Help with inventory of unsold fireworks to be returned to TNT Fireworks return center

Serve on the LGCA Board

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

  • Rentals Chairperson
  • Ways & Means
  • Pool Chairperson
  • Bulletin Editor 
  • Webmaster & Social Media Chairperson
  • Membership Records
  • Membership Promotion
  • Clubhouse Maintenance
  • Pool Chairperson
Below are photos from past events where volunteers were needed and appreciated:

Clubhouse Rentals by email only please: Rentals4LGCA@gmail.com

Email: DuesLGCA@gmail.com

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