Max Room Capacity

Member Lounge: 46 people

Large Hall: 103 people

Pool Deck Patio Area: 190 people (Note: The swimming pool may or may not be heated during the year. We make no guarantees that it will be heated during your rental.)

Clubhouse Rental General Information

NOTE: YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN LGCA MEMBER IN ORDER TO RENT THE LGCA CLUBHOUSE. (Scroll down this page to see Section B. for the rental application that applies to you.)


A. General Information

1.    Visit to see if the date you want is available for rent.  Click on the Calendar tab on the left-hand side. (Note: We try to keep the Event Calendar updated regularly.  However, there may be some lag time between when a rental reservation date is made and when the Event Calendar is updated. Rentals on a first come, first served basis) Note: There are NO discounts for weekday rentals.

2.    Click on the Clubhouse Rentals tab and download the appropriate rental application (3 options to choose from): 
-    LGCA Member   OR
-    Lakewood Resident   OR (TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED)

You DON'T have to be an LGCA Member to rent the clubhouse (TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED)

3.    Read the ENTIRE application packet (pages 1-6). 

4.    Fill out the application form COMPLETELY, initial and sign where indicated (pages 1-4 only). 

5.    Payment is made by cash, check or money order, make payable to “Lakewood Gardens Civic Association.”  

Check acceptance policy: If your check is returned from your financial institution you will be charged a $35 check return fee and must pay for the returned check by cash or money order only. Your rental date will not be held while we wait for the returned check to be paid and it is subject to be rented by another member. LGCA reserves the right to deny a rental to anyone whose check has been rejected by their financial institution as NSF or Account Closed.

6.    Call the Rentals Chairperson, Joaquin Castro @ 714-785-2549, to hand deliver and review the application or if you have any questions.

Note: Verbal reservations will NOT be honored. Your rental date will be reserved only after your payment & application has been received. If two or more applications are received for the SAME rental date, we will honor the FIRST application received.

Non-Rent-able Holidays--The clubhouse will not be available for rental on the following holidays: 
Memorial Day 
4th of July  
Labor Day 
New Year's Eve 

This is so that our members will able to enjoy the pool & clubhouse with their families during these holidays.

Note: The first weekend of the month during June, July, Aug, & September will NOT be available for rental. These are set aside for Member's Only Weekend.

Rent-able Holidays--The clubhouse will be available for rental on the following holidays: 
Mother's Day 
Father's Day  
Easter Sunday 
Veteran's Day 
New Year's Day

B. Include the attached documents:

1. Rental Brochure 

Rental Brochure 2018a.pdf

2. Rental applications: (Select ONE of the options below--you DON'T have to be an LGCA Member to rent the clubhouse)

If you are an LGCA Member, select: 

LGCA 2017 Rental App_Members.pdf

If you are NOT an LGCA Member, but reside in Lakewood, select:

LGCA 2017 Rental App_Lakewood Residents.pdf

If neither of these apply, then select:

LGCA 2017 Rental App_General.pdf

 C. Cleaning up after your Event:

You  will be responsible to clean up the clubhouse facilities after your event (on the same night.) We may have a rental the next day and the facility needs to be clean so that the next renter can start setting up for their event.

(Cleaning supplies will be provided) 

This includes:
1) Sweeping all floors (and pool deck if your guests were outside)
2) Mopping the floors of the hall your event took place in.
3) Wiping down all counters, stove (if used) and sinks
4) Taking down all decorations
5) Throwing out all garbage and replace the garbage can liners (liners will be provided)
6) Wiping down all folding tables and putting them away
7) Putting away all chairs on the stage (folding chairs go in the chair closet)

You will need to meet with the Rentals Chairperson to walk through the facility the morning after your rental. The renter needs to be this person, do not send someone else on your behalf. You may need to do some additional cleaning of areas that were missed or that you could not see the night before--be prepared to clean. 

You may also opt to hire the LGCA Cleaning Crew to clean after your rental. The rate is $200 and they will take care of the garbage, sweeping/mopping, and wiping down counter tops. You'll be able to go home after your event and sleep while we take care of the clean up! (Note: You will still have to put away the folding tables & chairs yourself though.)

To hire the cleaning crew, select that box on the Rental Application and include the payment along with the rental fee & security deposit.

Please read all of the rental rules to ensure that you have a full understanding of what you are responsible for.

Rental Cancellations:
Cancellations less than four (4) weeks before the reservation will result in a 50% forfeiture of deposit. Cancellations less than two (2) weeks before the reservation will result in 100% forfeiture of deposit.

Browse the images below for decorating ideas:

Clubhouse Rentals: (714) 785-2549


Membership: (310) 651-4570


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