Thursday, January 18, 2018 1:33 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We are asking all of our members and friends of the LGCA to help us pay for the unexpected plumbing repair project that came up recently.

We received two very large bills from the City of Lakewood for the water ($900 then $1,400 on the recent billing statement) and had Pete's Plumbing come out to find out what was going on. It turns out that we have a MASSIVE plumbing leak in the pipes that lead to the rear of the clubhouse.

The latest water bill is for $729 and was for the few days before the repair work was completed.

Pete's Plumbing said that it looked like this was all original plumbing and it wasn't worked on since it was first installed! So it could be decades and decades old!

The repair job is $2,805.39 if they can locate a suitable connection point at the planter bed to reroute the pipes, or $3,728.88 if they have to break up the concrete from water main before rerouting the pipes.

Either way, we have to pay the $1,400 water bill to the City of Lakewood, and then come up with almost $3,000 (if the repair is a simple one.) 

UPDATE: The plumbing repair bill came to $2,755 since they found an easier way to work around the plumbing leak.

We would be extremely grateful for any donations to help up pay for these unexpected repairs. We still have about six months before we have the fireworks stand fundraiser and we will not have enough funds to cover the monthly expenses and pay for these two large bills until then.

Anything you could donate would greatly help us! Please click on the "DONATE" tab on the left if you would like to donate using a credit card.

God bless you!

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